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There is a lot of upside in all the downside with important lessons to hold on to when “normal” returns.

I’m no guru, consultant or expert, but I’ve learnt some lessons this last month thx to my team. Here’s just a few of the things I need to remember when “normal” returns.

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LinkedIn Post – Dean Gale – Things to Remember Post COVID-19

  1. #culture: like a lot of businesses we have had to ask our team to make personal sacrifices and at the same time work harder than ever. We all know people first matters – now I know why. Culture is everything when you are making such big asks of your team. #remember
  2. #gratitude & #partnership: I am so grateful for our clients’ support these last weeks. “Dean, we’re partners. Of course we’re in. Let’s do it.” has been the most amazing & heartwarming thing to hear. #remember
  3. #perspective: things we used to “worry” about have literally disappeared! It’s almost laughable to think about the small stuff that we sweated when our health & livelihoods are at stake. #remember
  4. #change – never again will I say “we can’t do that” – and I’ve said it a lot over the years. Thankfully the team don’t listen to me! #remember
  5. #surprise – I had no idea what we were capable of until we were “forced” to find a way! What would have taken 12 months in BAU conditions took 2 weeks – think big! #remember

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LinkedIn Post – Dean Gale – Things to Remember Post COVID-19